What Motivates you pain/pleasure?

Do you work hard to avoid embarrassment? Or do you work hard for self-satisfaction? The pain pleasure theory of motivation is based upon the assumption that human nature seeks pleasure and avoids pain. One is never comfortable in painful situation and in order to get rid of that painful situation, the individual puts efforts to come out and seeks pleasure. The fact is that when it comes to motivation and goal-reaching, you’re either avoiding the whip, or
going for the gold. When your intention is fixed on moving forward you’re taking full responsibility for getting where you want to go.

When your choices are based on deflecting or avoiding uncomfortable feelings, like embarrassment or regret or dislocation, you’re taking a back seat to your true power. When you’re focused on what you could lose, the possible winnings shrivel in direct proportion to your fear of loss. And even if you get what you supposedly want, you’ve still put yourself in a crazy game of dodging the bad stuff in hopes of getting the good stuff.

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat, The great fear motivators of human nature is, What other people think of me, I better do what’s expected, What other people want from me, I better give all that I can, What other people can give to me, I better be nice to get what I want, If your to-do list is based on avoiding pain, you may as well hook yourself up to a laser that jolts you every time you dare to make a self-fulfilling decision.

The thing about the comfort zone is that it easily entraps you. It forces you into habit by disguising itself as security and familiarity. It convinces you that anything outside of the norm should be avoided. The routine it forces you into comes with a sense of safety, leaving you with little doubt. Soon you become so comfortable that you couldn’t imagine breaking out of it. It’s like when you wake up on a rainy Saturday morning. You hear the raindrops on your window as the sun hides behind the clouds. You are surrounded by the thick warmth of your covers and there are few things that could convince you to get up. The comfort zone covers you in security as you listen to the words around you that tell you to stay where you are. But you’re happy in your covers, right?

Studies show that positive reinforcement with children fosters self-esteem and better problem-solving skills. Praise the good, deflect the bad. The power of accentuating the positive isn’t something we grow out of. In fact, the practice of cultivating positivity is defines, If your choices elicit a full-on yes! to any of the following questions, then you’re choosing from a place of true creative power: Is this moving me forward?, Do I feel more like myself?, Does this clear the way for good stuff to show up?

The great shift from the pain motivation to pleasure motivation is based on trust, of course. Trusting that when you say no to what doesn’t serve you, life says yes to your greatness. Trusting that, you deserve to be fulfilled. Period!, No justifications necessary. And trusting that you will get what you want by being true to yourself. The rewards are infinite and they feel real good, trusting yourself will lunch you into success and help a believer to resist sin brutally even when everyone is romancing iniquity with Anointing, if you are avoiding rejection you cheaply compromise your faith. To resist SIN. You must be brutal and be ready to face any painful condition because you must be rejected by crowd.

It takes a sense of adventure for a person to leave their roots and establish themselves. It requires a leap of faith that people often are unwilling to take. Leaving your roots is an adventure; however, not everyone is adventurous. Some find comfort in the norm and have no desire to explore anything outside of the comfort zone. Adventure brings risk, but it’s almost always worth taking. The world is too vast to get stuck doing what is comfortable.

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  1. I would say, both. To reach the threshold of pleasure, one needs to pass through certain level of pain and when I’m in my comfort zone I tend to forget about tomorrow. I feel like I’ve finally arrived. Pain motivates and drives me more in life and pushes me to take positive action to attain comfort – that’s were we want to be, pain takes us there.

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