DivineRoyalty Motivational Quotes

“Your brain is the boss of your body and your thoughts is the boss of your actions”_”Divine-Royalty.

Good character is like a golden necklace, you become prettier when you wear it_”Divine-Royalty”

Fear of what people will say is the reason for your ordinariness_”Divine-Royalty”.

Bad habits is like education. If you pass primary, you enter secondary to university until you graduate

Good men are hard to find because they’re usually busy working. But lazy men are busy sleeping and gossiping._”Divine-Royalty”

Injustice is the reason some government, company and people is with bald head. ~ “Divine-Royalty”

“Living without choice is living in bondage”. by “Divine-Royalty”

If I can create sliver in the past; I can create gold in future. Beauty lies ahead than that of yesterday_ “Divine-Royalty”

Champions is not born anywhere special, they are born in the mind” by “Divine-Royalty”

“No matter how adversity squeeze your face, you’re still the most beautiful, that beauty is sparkling on the inside of you ” by “Divine-Royalty”

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