The 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup was the fifteenth tournament of the FIFA U-17 World Cup. The tournament was held in the United Arab Emirates between 17 October and 8 November. Nigeria won the tournament after defeating Mexico 3–0 in the final, claiming the country’s fourth title. Champions: Nigeria (4th title) Goals scored: 172 (3.31 per match) Runners up: Mexico. Host country: United Arab Emirates. I was opportune to be in the stadium when the march was playing, and the stadium was filled with people, then I discover that among all the people in this stadium, 22 players are the people doing the work and others are just screaming.


In this life, there are news makers and vendors, the news sellers. There are those who write their own story and those who read the story of others. Those who work had to change things. They act towards solution and make things happen and those who are Lazy gossiping around. Gossipers are marketers! They market what the innovators have invented. They complain and shoot their arrows to castigate what the innovators have invented and can never do.

Mockers are lazy set of people who are not busy in their assignment called life purpose. They are busybody and can never make up a good friend, what they Love most is, Cain killing Abel, They Love people’s downfall as if they are perfect being. News marketers or busybody move around street to street, house to house seeking the information of those they want to destroy to fulfil their own assignment as a destroyer.

Never pay attention to them or stay to answer their questions because they are both judge and jury, take time and monitor them. They are like the character they play. You probably may have known someone negative attitude. You may even wonder why they’re so unhappy all the time. Negativity is energy sucker and motivation killer! Instead of being a go-getter, you become hopeless and simply cannot help yourself.

Tribe: A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader

It’s human nature to search for belonging. We gravitate toward those who reflect the kind of qualities we admire. To say we are looking for “our tribe” means that we are looking for people who share commonalities or possess the traits we aspire to adapt. Whether it’s a family, community, or group of fellow practitioners, our tribe is important because it reflects our values while simultaneously satisfying our need for companionship.

I am Kingsley-(Divine-Royalty) my tribe are ‘Radiators’ ‘Radiators’ are people who radiate energy, positivity and who spur us on. But ‘Drains’ on the other hand, drains energy, and destroy motivation. If you want others to help spur you on, you need to hang out with ‘Radiators’ and limit time as much as possible with the ‘Drains’. A lot of people complain of being tired all the time and not having the energy to do the things they love. Well, metaphorically if you’ve been pouring your energy into relationships, businesses or workplaces full of ‘Drains’ you’ll have nothing left for you, your family and the achievement of your goals and dreams.

Why Your Tribe Matters
There’s evidence to show that the people around us influence how we perform and behave. For example, studies suggest that we’re more likely to achieve our fitness goals if we surround ourselves with people who’ve already crushed those goals. What does this mean? Basically, it’s telling us that finding the right tribe sets us up for success. Here’s why.

We all know how hard it can be to stick to a plan, whether it’s a nutrition guide or a workout program. What we need are people around us to hold us accountable and remind us that we’re responsible for reaching our goals.
Remember, contenders don’t slack off when the going gets tough. Why? Because they have a powerful tribe motivating and pushing them toward their performance goals;

Since the dawn of time, people have craved companionship. The sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves; That’s where the tribe comes in.
When you’re part of a tribe, you feel loved, wanted, and nurtured, because someone always has your back. Finding your tribe makes you feel fulfilled like never before – this is the perfect mind-set to help you exceed your limits and smash your goals.

When you find your tribe, it feels like anything is possible. Our allies push us in ways that others can’t because they genuinely care about our success. They want us to excel just as badly as we do.

Isn’t it great to know that your cheerleaders, your kindred spirits, are waiting to welcome you into their tribe? Here’s how you find those like-minded individuals.
It all comes down to your personal vibe.

Your Vibe
Successful people who conquer their goals and train to succeed give off a certain aura, don’t they? There’s just something so magnetic about people who give off good vibes. They attract other go-getters and ambitious individuals into their circle, which helps them achieve things they once only dreamed of.
You can do this, too. How? By aligning your vibe with the people you’re hoping to attract – fellow Champions.

Inspire people to better themselves. Give people the confidence and nurturing that they need to succeed, and you’ll attract other inspirational individuals into your life.
Even just by setting goals and seeing them through, you’re already inspiring the people around you and raising your vibe.

Some days are harder than others. We know that. What separates contenders, and winners, from everyone else, is their determination to succeed no matter what.
Your tribe doesn’t just keep you accountable; they motivate you to push through when the going gets rough and you feel like giving up. Hard workers with positive, can-do mind-sets attract people with the same ambitious vibes.

If you do indeed, find yourself being a ‘drain’ then look yourself in the mirror and question how you’ve allowed that to happen and more importantly take responsibility and decide what are you going to do to change it?
What could you do to re-energise yourself?
Let me see your answer in the comment………………………

Fly unlimited.

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