FITNESS MOTIVATION (self-discipline)

Your body is a mirror reflection of the sacrifice you make in the kitchen. The Discipline to say no to the temptation of how you eat; The Discipline to get up, Discipline to drag yourself to go out for exercise, Not just one day but Consistently. Remember, Self-discipline often means putting off your immediate comfort or wishes in favour of long-term success

Who don’t like good body fit, or being smart?
The young ones need it; the married need it mostly to keep their marriage sweet. Many goes out there taking unnecessary drugs and injections that may kill them fast tomorrow, just to keep good body fit. Which is very wrong;

Do you want quick fix now that leads to a bigger problem later? Or do you want a discipline that leads to pride later?

If you are serious to achieve your aim, make it a Strong Habits. Without EFFORT you will NEVER get it. Without SACRIFICE you will NEVER get it. WITHOUT DISCIPLINE you will NEVER KEEP IT. It may interest you to know that many goes on to accuse God because of their body stature. Saying that this is how God created them to be. And they cannot do anything! But It is a lie. God cannot do everything for you. Taking care of yourself is your duty, it is not being selfish, it is taking care of the best gift God gives you one earth. _ You will see yourself in mirror by result, Self-discipline is ability to make a decision and take action. It is ability to endure pain. It may take time but must be achieve it. I am writing with experience.

One of the reasons we don’t have self-discipline is because we run from the hard, uncomfortable things. We would rather do the easy, comfortable, familiar things. So instead of facing our hard, uncomfortable projects, we run to distractions, videos, games. This running from discomfort is ruining our lives.

What you can tell yourself is that you’re done running. You are going to push into discomfort, a little at a time, and get good at being uncomfortable. This is another of your superpowers. When others run, you’re OK (even if it’s not always fun).

One small task at a time, push yourself into discomfort. See how it feels. See that it’s not the end of the world. See that you are awesome enough to handle discomfort, and that the results are well worth it

As important as the long-term health benefits of exercise are, simply being aware of them isn’t enough to motivate most people. The key is identifying what the short-term benefit of exercise is for you.

  1. Does it make you to have a sound sleep?
  2. Does it make you to stay a better mood?
  3. Does it make you to have a Clearer thinking?
  4. Does it boast your mental energy?
  5. Does it make you to receive enough compliments from people that motivate you to work hard?
  6. Does it make you to keep away from being lazy?
  7. Does it keep you alert? Etc.
    Such benefits may not be instantly evident if you are new to exercise, so determining which ones apply to you can take a little time. But once you figure it out, keep those rewards in mind. Keep also the picture of those who motivates you. Will Smith is my role model. Who is your role model? So I’m asking you? Have you got what it takes to look great? To be confidence on yourself without filling inferior anywhere you find yourself both in colour and race.

  8. Are you ready to boast yourself-esteem? Tell yourself, It may take time. It may take Huge Effort. It may be tough, but I will become tougher! I can do it and I WILL MAKE IT. I WILL STAND AT THE END WITH PRIDE KNOWING I STOOD FIRM. KNOWING I LET NOTHING AND NO ONE STOP ME.
  9. THIS DREAM I HAVE, It is more important THAN ANYTHING. I will bring sweetness to my marriage! I have discover that my king is no longer see me as a queen and my queen is no longer proud of me. You can throw whatever you like my way. I WILL DEFEAT IT. I WILL DEFEAT IT WITH MY WILL! I WILL GET THERE! And I WILL! Though, it may be painful, but the pain is my gain

Fly unlimited.

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