When the storm threatened, every other people run away, but the strong minded people reply, I am a warrior!’ by Divine-Royalty

Strong mind! Tough life! Many people hate storm; probably because of self-doubt; but Warriors are built from the struggle, formed from pain, strengthened by adversity. Develop the mind-set of a warrior and stand tall against the storm call pain; past, present and future! You are the boss of all creation. God created everything and put it in place and create you after His class, to be in-charge.

People get deform where there is no inspiration to aspire, excluding warriors because they are exceptional, full of inspiration. We all face tough time. I know i am not exempt from life struggles. But i know i am STRONG. No STORM can terrify me! Says Divine-Royalty! God is my president. And I am the Ambassador that represents heaven here on earth. No STORM! No tornado can terrify my faith. ‘Say it! Believe it!! Behave it!!!’

Gather momentum to embrace your challenges and push through them like the warrior you are. You are divinely designed to be a CHAMP. Make the best out of those bad situations. I see opportunities in my struggle. I grow strength from my hardships. I don’t have many friends because of my warrior mind-set. But i understand that Champions are few and I am thankful for my hard times because they make me stronger. My pain provoke nugget of Wisdom in me and inspire me to create my own quote like no other, which is one of the mark I place in this life. Whenever you read my write up’s; you read my own story and that’s who I am. The lion is my hero, a symbol courage and confidence! The lion go alone without friends or leader because the lion is a leader. But the sheep are many and under the shepherd care. The lion may go hungrily. The sheep many grow fat in the food of the shepherd but the fattest sheep is the food of the lion.

Warriors believe that they are the storm themselves; they take no to an answer “They believe that storm is another opportunity for exploits. They never see victim as the wake minded people.

Warrior’s mind-set is being mentally tough; it’s not something you can train for. It is born out of struggle, it’s born out of restriction, it’s born out of not having anything, it’s born out of pain, and it’s born out of experience. It is the basis for almost every movie;

If you’re born in an ivory tower with a silver spoon in your mouth you’re not going to know what I mean by struggle. So when things get really hard or get really difficult; you are going to be novice to it. But somebody that’s born in hate and born with not having enough, fighting for school feels or fighting for work before putting food on the table. That person because of his experience, because of his life, will understand how warriors fight. Will understand that they have to do whatever it takes to complete the mission. I’ve seen people that are frail but are hungry to accomplish great things. And then I’ve seen Division one athletes and people that have given that are physically at the apex, but when things get tough, they crumble.

You have a warrior mind-set for you are train that way by pain, to be mentally tough. You’re going to have yourself in some seriously difficult positions, but opposition is a food of warrior! You are going to restrict yourself. You’re going to be discipline. This is not something that just comes lightly. You can’t get it by reading a book, you can’t take it as a course, and it is your life experience. Please get me well, I am not saying that reading books is good here. Because if don’t have library, you will be a liability

Warriors stand tall and face hard things fearlessly, they know that on the journey that they are going to fail, and when they fail, they get back up and try it again. And fail again, because out of failure, out of getting knocked down, out of getting hurt and getting back up dusting yourself off and going at it again and again; when you know you’re probably going to fail, that is what’s going to give you the warrior mind-set of who you are or who you are becoming. That is what’s going to give you the drive and that the hate and the anger whatever it is that you have to do it to accomplish your objective. The whole world’s against you; you’re going to fail. What happens after that failure is what defines you. ‘Thomas Edison who fail 999 and succeed in 1,000 finding electric bulb is a warrior with mental energy, what about you?

The Warrior Mentality is not about ‘How can I fight.’, it would be better phrased as ‘How can I overcome.’, because more often than not you’re fighting with the false limitations you’ve given yourself. The issue you are trying to overcome will vary in life, but the overall focus should be to understand your situation and to figure out how to be able to face that challenge and conquer it. It reminds me of the old saying that says, ‘Whether you think you can, or think you can’t. You’re right!

As a man think, so is he!
Then, when you have a decision to make that requires discipline, remind yourself of your purpose, and tell your brain that you will fail at your purpose if you are not disciplined. By linking the outcome of your purpose to discipline, you rewire your brain to make the best decisions for you. It gives you leverage over your brain to rig the game in your favour.

Warriors never lost their head in battle and they must come out as a champion

Fly unlimited.

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