There is a quote from “Author Unknown” that said. “Bad character is like a flat tire, you cannot move unless you change it”. It is after reading this quote from Author Unknown, while digging deep in my thinking time that I developed this quote that says. “Good character is like a golden necklace, you become prettier when you wear it”_ “Divine-Royalty”.

The kind of character you display determined the kind of people you attract for yourself and the response you will get. Your character reviews you! The way you behave can hinder you or make a way for you. I believe that attitude is something so important in life and how we approach situations. When we have attitude problems, self-awareness will help you to discover, and your ability to work hard to change it for good makes you prettier.

When your car has a flat tire, (it is attitude problem in symbolic) you can’t go anywhere in life. My understanding of this quote is with a bad attitude and a negative attitude you won’t go anywhere. I believe that when someone has a good attitude and good behaviour, there will be lots of open doors and there will always be opportunities for you. Having a bad attitude and not treating people with respect and dignity is a recipe for disaster. Everything you do, always strive to have a good attitude. Everyone can develop it. I know sometimes there are days where things go sour and things do not work out every time, but it is something that when you have a good attitude in life and when you’re always good to people, you can turn sour days into sweet days where life can be lived without attitude.

Approaching things with a good and positive attitude will get you places in life. That is what I mean in my quote. You become prettier when you wear it.

I know all of us have great qualities, and we have to learn to utilize them and show them to the world. There is no shame in showing people your qualities in the world and people will understand it as things go along. We all can have great attitudes; we just have to work on it. We are not perfect people, we’re not always going to be happy and in a good mood all the time and things happen beyond our control and things can be tough and life too and you can feel like a tire that goes flat. I know and have experienced many of those days, but that does not stop me from having a great attitude in life, to have that positive attitude always. It is very important. We create beauty with our behaviour, actions and attitudes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say right? It is the same thing. When people understand and make life easier for them, they must learn it, and experience more.

Attitudes can be contagious, so watch out who you give it to unless they are great attitudes. Just remember this and life will go awesome for you. Behaviour and Attitude are major traits that are important in life. Go with the flow and never be afraid.

Don’t be negative because if you do you will remain like a flat tire. God cannot change in his attributes and principle. Everything he created is attached under a law. The law of a car is that it can’t move without petrol, if you refuse to apply the law by going to patrol station and get petrol for your car, your car will not take you where you want to go. If you jump down from skyscraper, God is not going to punish you for that, but the law of gravity will deal with you. If you choose to be wicked, the same character will grow and you will rip what you sow. this story will portray what I mean.

A Casanova saw a woman in a bush as he was in search for something and chase after her for sex and the lady refused him, He became brutal and wanted to overpower her to have his way, the lady hold strong and refused. He killed her and dig a pit and cover her without anyone’s notice. As life goes on, he grows up to age and wanted to marry, but no woman agreed to accept him in marriage. He was so troubled, without knowing that the character he planted has grown. one day he saw an old blind woman who told him, (YOU MUST FINISH THE OLD BEFORE NEW) still he did not get it until he had a dream seeing the same old woman and she interpreted the proverb to him, you must finish the marriage with the first woman you killed in the bush before you could be able to marry another woman in your life, he cried out and confessed his wicked act, his kinsmen took over and finish the marriage with the dead after reconciliation with the family of that woman he killed, before he could be able to succeed in getting wife for himself.

Our character is like a seed, after planting it, it grows and bear fruit, and you must rip whatever character you saw, the good, the Bad, and the ugly, if you are wicked and later become good, YOU MUST FINISH THE OLD BEFORE NEW. Sow the seed of a good character and success will be your good friend.

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  1. Kingsley, I think you make very good points about attitude. The story, however, is a little over the top for me. I would not want to marry a man who had raped and killed another woman, even if he had reconciled with her family and improved his character. I would always be afraid of him and don’t think I would ever trust or love him.

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  2. You made a very good point, and that is another consequence that follows bad character, you may heal the wound, but the mark will still be there. You may forgive but not forget. It take the grace of God to overcome it. Thanks for the wonderful comment. You are amazing

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  3. Of course, good and positive attitude opens many doors of opportunities in life! You have made a very valid point in your amazing story! By Almighty’s grace a person may be able to tranform from a bad character to good one and at the same time be able to repair/overcome the attrocities inflicted by him or her in the past.It sounds an uphill task but achievable through perseverence and resurrection as everyone deserves to be given a last chance !Thanks for the splendid writeup, Kingsley !

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  4. You should save the best part of yourself to people who deserve you. It’s not good to give food that belong to the children of the kingdom to the dogs, they will march on it and come back to attack you. If someone turns from his bad ways, should be accepted, but should be monitored before fully accepted.

    It’s good to give a right teaching but a man who rape a woman cannot easily be forgiven. That is why I said that it’s by the grace of God

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