A champion is someone whom his or her soul is on fire with different mind-sets to win. Champions fight for a cause with the last drop of their blood; They don’t die anyhow, they are the inventors of solution and innovators that shape our world. Champions understand the power of the mind and choose to feed their mind with positive thoughts and images that portray the character they want to play constantly. They don’t listen to trolls on the news or the talking heads on the side. They are optimistic and build with a positive attitude that leads to courage and self-confidence. Their eternal spirit keeps them awake! And they are never born anywhere special; they are born in the mind.

It is easy to get caught up in talent, training, or strategy when trying to explain a win. This team has a state-of-the-art training facility. This player has a dominating build. This leader or coach has an impressive strategy, and so on. In reality, there is something much more basic to winning, something that accounts for consistent success. The key to becoming someone who makes winning a normal course of action is to adopt the mentality of a winner, a mentality that people who achieve greatness maintain consistently;

Men with great character never take no to an answer. A swagger, a presence that makes them stands out. They’re usually the ones out-hustling their competition, making aggressive plays – think business or athletics – encouraging others around them to elevate their game, or relentlessly attacking a problem or task. There is intensity behind their eyes that many don’t understand. But, what is it about these individuals that make them great?

Lion as symbolic

Lion is the symbolic of a champion, sheep are not. The Lion is a king of the jungle by mentality not by size, elephant is far bigger than the lion, but it doesn’t have the mind-set of the lion. When Giraffe see a lion, it will realize that it’s not about being tall_ Lion and Sheep are never the same. Lion is a leader, sheep is a follower, sheep can follow you even to the slaughter land, but the Lion stands out, the sheep may grow fat under the shepherd food. And the lion may go hungrily, but the fattest sheep is the food of the lion. So, be a lion, don’t be a sheep

Be selective in battle, calmness is better than being right. being honest may not get you a lot of friends but will bring you the right one, that you have many enemies doesn’t always mean that you are not of good behaviour, powerful men always have enemies, Creative people are often found either disagreeable or intimidating by mediocre, In the republic of mediocrity, genius is dangerous, live the life of your dreams, be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and life purpose. Don’t live expectations and opinions of others. And if you fail to believe this truth, you will later regret it. ‘It is better to be controversial than to be inconsequential’. Never ignore the champion that is crying on the inside of you, the passion of your heart. Manifest it!

Taking chances:

Taking chances is hard. It’s scary. It takes courage and the will power application to do it; it’s jumping into the unknown bravely, with no security, but it also knowing that things will turn out great. What if you ended up never doing it? Wouldn’t you regret it in the end? You will end up regretting what you do not do than what you do and fail. Failure is a coach and a lecturer. Taking chances might bring you the job that you want, the house that you want, the friends that you want. Champions make things happen! Why are you still panicking to manifest the champion in you, to make the world hear about you? If God your father is known every where, then, you are created to make a news. If you die without manifesting the champion in you, you are like a baby aborted from the womb, why because the graveyard has rub the world the beauty given to you which you would have use to decorate the world.

I still remain DivineRoyalty, your motivator. Good idea is like a baby crying, must be attended to immediately

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