Night dream is one of the strategies the devil is using to deal with many Christian in our world today especially in Africa; they keep on chasing night dream instead of chasing life dream or goal. Living without a goal is just like existing on earth like a lifeless creation. A goal is that one thing that must drive your lungs to breathe, motivate your kidneys to filter your blood and stimulate over billions of nerve cells in your brain.

Living without a goal is like shutting down that whole system. You have robbed every other thing within you of the right to function properly when you wake up without a goal. When God created you, He gave instructions to everything within your anatomy to work according to purpose and goal. Having you alive is enough proof that everything else in your body is living up to its goal.

Your hair is growing for a reason, to support a goal. The same goes for your abdomen when you get hungry. You even get thirsty just to support someone’s goal. When your hair grows, you will visit a hair dresser or a barber whose goal is to make people look good. When your stomach hungers, you will pay a visit to a supermarket, which has been built by someone with a goal. When you get thirsty, there is someone with a goal to provide clean drinking water, which you will pay.

So everything within the ecosystem is working towards achieving its goal. You cannot exist peacefully with other creations when you are the only creation living without a goal. You expire and your days’ wither quickly for you to just disappear and become manure; maybe then you will serve your goal as an organic fertiliser.

You cannot then live without goals. Living without goals is parading your life as a suicide note. Everyone whom you come across will be your potential abuser. People with goals will make use of anyone who does not have a goal. You will become a tool in the hands of the goal-getters for a minimum wage for the rest of your life.

When you do not have a goal, often you will become a slave of money. All great people we read about fought struggles to get to the reality of their dreams. Some of you have children, it will be an injustice to bring lives to this earth and never leave a legacy behind. Whilst you still live, give all you have got before the end of your time. Never let your children frown at your grave. Many parents have lived lives that do not inspire even their children, and it’s a shame. Be known for something.

Goals make ordinary people great. It is never in the size of the man, but in the size of their goal. Greatness is only achieved by a desire to make a difference. You cannot make a difference when your purpose is not defined. Focus and direction come by goal setting. Having a goal will create energy within you to get going each and every day.

Your goal will communicate your identity to the others. Living without one is an insult to your maker. Why would you live all His time without wondering why you exist? History is populated with names, dates and times of ordinary people who dared to dream and chased after their goals. Today we sing their names.

History is only made when a goal is achieved. When you have some goal out here that you are stretching for and reaching for that takes you out of your comfort zone, you will find out some talents and abilities you have that you didn’t know you have.

When i was a small boy, my mother refused me to go and learn how to swim. She said that i will sink in the river and die, but i will always snick out to go until i learnt how to swim and become perfect. But before ever, i failed two days and drank much of water as a result of sinking, but succeeded on the third day in a river called (Iyi-ega in Owo, Nkanu East Local Government of Enugu) and i keep doing it until it became perfect. History will never forget how I rescued people years back when (idodo) river grow and damage the bridge (akwa). Learn everything as much as you can and don’t let anyone stop you, those skill can help you shape your destiny.

Moreover the first job i secure when came to Dubai at Jebel Ali gardens where there is swimming poll, is as a result of knowing how to swim. Why? Because i could not let my mother stop me. “You don’t beg average people to be phenomenal. You don’t beg good people to be phenomenal. You just are phenomenal, and you will attract phenomenal in your life” _ ERIC THOMAS

Yet the biggest enemy that you have to deal with is yourself. There’s an old African proverb that says “If there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” You have this opportunity of a lifetime. It means absolutely nothing if you don’t take advantage of it in the lifetime of this opportunity. When you die, die on End. Leave no dream left behind. Leave no opportunity left behind. When you leave this earth, accomplish every single thing you can accomplish. Listen to me, you are going to be here one day, but you will never get here if you give up, And finally friends, if you want to succeed, chase your goal as bad as you want breath.

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  1. Well written. A goalless life is an aimless life. As you have stated, goals help us to breath and thrive. It’s sad how lots if people don’t have a set life goal. Some think they have but all they do is look up to others most of the times while some follow aimlessly.

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