Your goals are the soul of your achievement, so, never begin them with “I will try” instead “I will” or “I must”. The Motivated minded people understand the importance of energy and they knows that negative people are energy suckers,and they avoid them. They also put a boundary to any activity or action that doesn’t serve their goal because they see it as waste time and effort. Those men of great character with Motivated mind have fires on the inside of them that provoke them to develop persistence and an unstoppable desire which is passion, to do whatever it takes to come out as champion.

The most important thing now is, what dreams do you have? Is there secret to greatness? Is there an underlying feature that laces all the most prominent people in history? And the answer is PASSION.

The most successful people recognise that in life, they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning and generate their own motivation.

This is something you may have heard a number of times, but very few people understand what the word passion implies. The veracity in this linguistic statement lies in the fact that passion is what moves you to persevere at something despite fear, unhappiness or pain. It is the determination and motivation to push through suffering for the sake of an end goal.

Motivation does not simply give you the energy to work, but allows you to entirely change your perception of everything that you do. Conversely, your change in perception will start to affect the types of long-term behavior in which you engage.

This follows the concept of neuroplasticity, the ability to rewire your brain using behavior. According to this prominent neuroscientific theory, you have the power to create motivation yourself, and the art of finding this passion in life lies entirely in your actions and your choice of behavior:

Find that for which you have a natural affinity.
Music, writing, sports, art? Whatever activity it may be, set a certain number of hours aside and completely indulge yourself in it.

Reject complacency.
Complacency suggests a defeated approach in accepting your current circumstances. In constantly challenging yourself to be better, and do better, you allow yourself to explore exciting new possibilities.

Ask the ‘why’ question.
The self-help staple of affirming yourself – by telling yourself that “I can do it,” “I will go to the gym today,” “I will work on my book or bible tonight” is ineffective. In the science of self-motivation, studies show that asking yourself whether you will do something enables you to get better results. So instead of “I will read tonight,” ask yourself “Will I read tonight?” in asking a question, people were more likely to reflect on what the activity means to them and thus build their own motivation for doing it.

There are very few people in this world who would shun the idea of success and fulfillment. As we are constantly told, we can only really succeed by doing what we love. The science is simple, when you enjoy something, you have a natural tendency to work at it and become better at it. By doing so you are effectively building new neural connections that keep multiplying as you keep working.

The bottom line in finding motivation is never to betray yourself and what you love. So instead of reciting empty affirmations, ask yourself this question: ‘Will I take what I just read and implement it in my life?

Decided to make a move
Before you reach that last breath, today might be the day to make a change, Make Your life matter One day it will be over. There will be 2 dates, either side of a dash. Make sure that dash is not empty. Make sure it is full of life full of living. Don’t be like everyone else existing. Be extraordinary

Live every moment with PASSION, your passion is the fuel that drives you. Don’t take anything for granted.

Life Is Tough, You are Tougher!
Life Is Persistent, you are relentless. What are you going to do when life beats you down? Remember life will not give you what you want but what you deserve. Life has knocked you down again and again. It is time to fight back. If you don’t fight for what you love, what you don’t like, that makes you unhappy will automatically take over. You are in-charge. God has told you to take dominion which means to be in-charge. Life may be tough. But you are Tougher!

There will always be tough moments, tragedy and pain. But if you bost your mental energy and stay strong and keep fighting fearlessly, you will not only survive, you will thrive. You will discover the challenge was actually the reward. It’s not the reward that gives you the ultimate satisfaction but the PRIDE in knowing your character prevailed. Even me Divine-Royalty the motivational writer Will be fulfilled if you act after reading this write up.

I know you can do it. Stop procrastinating to avoid westing THE fire that is burning in you. There is prize for greatness!

Fly unlimited


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