Passion is energy, It sets your soul on fire and gets you tipsy.

Your passion is the fuel that drives you. It will help you to re-awake your enthusiasm for living. It’s the key to unlock the resources that you already have inside of you.

That is where you need to work on yourself because discovering your true passion gives you a clear purpose and a clear direction and how you will achieve your ultimate goal in life. It also gives you a clear life about today and help you to come out of shell.

When things get miserable, Finding your passion can become another goal to be achieved in the future. Sometimes when you find your passion, you find yourself believing that find it means that everything will become perfect, and then you would finally be happy. But life doesn’t work that way.

Following your passion is about starting where you are and realizing that all you have to do is follow the passion already present until you arrived to your destination or achieve your dream.

You cannot be who God want you to be if you keep thinking wrong about yourself. Your mind is not dustbin to install pain, unhappiness or to keep failure. Though, it is tough when you work so hard, give it all your best and get so little. It is hard when your effort is high but your reward is low. It is hard when you do everything right but everything turns wrong. But is that should not be reason why you want to quit! If you give up, you will never never know how great you can be. If you push harder you may suffer, but Motivation fires your enthusiasm and provoke you to develop persistence and an unstoppable desire to do whatever it takes to come out as champion. Are down already? Seek motivation for awakening spirit.

The most significant thing now is, what dreams do you have? Is there secret to greatness? Is there an underlying feature that laces all the most prominent people in history? And the answer is PASSION. The most successful people recognise that in life, they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning and generate their own motivation.

Fly unlimited

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